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Renters Insurance

Belongings Hold Memories. Keep Them Safe.

If you rent an apartment, house, condo, or even a dorm room, you may not think you need insurance. But in the event that fire, theft, or vandalism damages your property, it’s unlikely that your landlord will pay to replace your belongings.

At United Group Insurance, we know that you’ve most likely invested a lot of time and money in your personal property, and it’s up to you to take care of it. Having a Renters Insurance, or Tenants Insurance, policy may pay for some or all of the cost of belongings if they are damaged due to a covered accident.

Depending on the policy, insurance may pay to replace items using one of two methods: Actual Cash Value (ACV) or Replacement Cost. With ACV coverage, your belongings are insured only for the amount in which they are currently worth, while Replacement Cost policies may pay for the expense of replacing the items with brand new ones. 

Additional Insurance Options

Also included in your Renters Insurance is Liability Coverage that may apply to injury claims that occur in your home. If someone gets hurt on your property, your insurance may pay the related medical payments and expenses, and provide for the cost of legal support if you are sued.

In the event that a fire or other damage makes your residence uninhabitable and places you in a “loss of use” situation, your Renters Insurance may temporarily reimburse you for the cost of another residence in which to live. 

A representative at United Group Insurance will help you to explore policy options for your preferences of coverage.